Nomadic Shapes is a curatorial entanglement, a collaborative oscillation exploring the art of translation. It is a stage to recount stories and share experiences, to experiment with the exhibition space, to question the possibilities of physical and digital forms.

This is a relationship that embraces the multiple. Entities listening to each other, exchanging ideas, negotiating boundaries, translating desires. There is no space for singularity, it is all about coupling, merging, duplicating, displacing, translating, transforming, blurring, saying aloud.

This is a public space, in resonance with the social world. It is a porous space. The outlines of our skin, our bed, our room, our house are taken for what they are: an illusion of impermeability. A permeable curatorial practice places at its core listening and sensoriality. It is open and vulnerable. There are no heroes here.

Nomadic Shapes avoids shortcuts, preferring detours. It is a space to wander, even get lost, and nurture an active consciousness through lived experiences.

Nomadic Shapes was founded in 2020 by Myriam Boutry and Arianna Guidi.

Arianna Guidi is a designer and curator originally from Rome. Her creative journey started in the Netherlands where she studied Art and Design at ArtEz. After being involved in various exhibitions for De Museumfabriek in Enschede and The Science and Technology Summit in The Hague, she moved to London to attend the MA in Contemporary Typographic Media at the London College of Communication. After working for various leading branding and design agencies in London as a creative designer and consultant, she started her curatorial practice which focuses on language and multicultural perspectives. Next to her practice she is enrolled in the MAS in Curating at the ZHdK, in Zurich.

Myriam Boutry has developed an extensive experience in contemporary art and especially exhibition production while working for public and private institutions. She holds a MA in Art history and Museology from Paris Ouest University and a Postgraduate in Curating from the ZHdK in Zürich. Her curatorial practice is driven by her interest in feminist theories and practices, by the structure and operation of power and thus of domination. She is interested in practices that are experiencing new ways of telling stories to question our way of being in the world. Practices that emphasize blurriness, clumsiness, unheroism, ambiguousness.

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OnCurating Issue nº48 “Zurich Issue: Dark Matter, Grey Zones, Red Light and Bling Bling”